Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio System
Member Application Form

The Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio System [CFARS] has limited openings in specific regions throughout Canada and only Licensed Amateur Radio Operators that meet the outlined prerequisites will be entertained. 

The applicant must currently hold HF Phone Privileges and those with the authority to utilize HF power amplifiers are preferred.  Questions as to your license limitations and authority may be addressed to either an Accredited Examiner or the Amateur Radio Services Branch in Ottawa at toll-free 1-888-780-3333.

Other basic prerequisites (at this time) include:

  1. Long-range HF communications are (normally) required to suggest that, only those Amateur stations possessing this ability should consider applying.
  2. Applicants with the computer and electronic knowledge to interconnect to HF transceivers that enable them to install and operate various computer programs to transmit and receive various data modes. Digital means of messaging are now a prerequisite for CFARS Membership.
  3. Communication Operating Procedures are in place for CFARS and will be adhered to.  Individuals that are unable or unwilling to operate under circuit discipline or adhere to the rules governing its operation need not apply.
  4. CFARS members are required to maintain their radio station at an operational level and normally be available for unscheduled or emergency communication requirements 24/7.
  5. Members are required to periodically participate in scheduled exercises conducted by CFARS or in support of other agencies and, they will check into the weekly HF nets.  Prolonged neglect or non-participation of these requirements may lead to cancellation of the member’s call sign.
  6. As all of the CFARS frequency assignment fall outside of the Amateur radio bands, applicants must be prepared to have their equipment modified accordingly.

Each application will be reviewed and weighed by those guidelines outlined above as well as the CFARS current and long range requirements for stations located at strategic locations and/or other pertinent prerequisites. 

The applicant shall be advised (normally by e-mail) on receipt of the application and may at that time be asked for amplification on specifics in support of their submission. We may also attempt to inform you on the potential of your acceptance at that time. Except for exceptional circumstances [such as wanting to withdraw an application], we ask that no further e-mails or follow-up requests be directed to the CFARS. 

Downloadand fill in the form.                    Follow the instructions in the form for submission.